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July 2017


Deadly virus

July 4, 2017

It looks like HIV, the very deadly virus that has so far proven impossible to cure and very difficult to curb, might be very close to meeting its match. Previous attempts to treat HIV have always been challenging to say the least. Multiple experiments and studies have all failed, including the brand new and very sophisticated gene-editing procedure known as CRISPR. The difficult issue with the virus has been the fact that its composition makes it nearly impossible to hold down by our antibodies. Continue Reading…



July 4, 2017

Humankind has always been in a continuous search for a better sexual experience. From sexual accessories to scented candles and creative use of foodstuffs, the most ancient element has been what we call aphrodisiacs. These are items we consume that create sexual desire in one of two ways: either by touching a part of brain which then sends signals to our genitalia causing excitement or by affecting internal organs, usually erogenous ones, that will makes us want and prepare us for the act of intercourse. Continue Reading…


Vitamin C supplements

July 4, 2017

Oranges, lemon, citrus, vitamin C supplements, we’re all advised to take them to ward off the common cold during winter. Many of us even make orange juice their every morning drink to multiply their chances of staying healthy. But a recent study has found that all that effort and money spent on fruits and Vitamin C supplements may have been in vain since vitamin C reportedly has no effect on flu prevention. Continue Reading…


The lack of sleep

July 4, 2017

The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently announced that we do not sleep enough nowadays as a species, qualifying lack of sleep as an epidemic. And as of now, we know one of the reasons for this phenomenon. As surprising as it may sound, we actually are not getting enough darkness. Yup, not sunlight, as you typically hear, but darkness. Continue Reading…