Aphrodisiac foodsHumankind has always been in a continuous search for a better sexual experience. From sexual accessories to scented candles and creative use of foodstuffs, the most ancient element has been what we call aphrodisiacs. These are items we consume that create sexual desire in one of two ways: either by touching a part of brain which then sends signals to our genitalia causing excitement or by affecting internal organs, usually erogenous ones, that will makes us want and prepare us for the act of intercourse.

Among these items, many have been proven to be simple placebos for many people as in the fact that they don’t really have any direct effect on the body or the mind but the simple preconceived idea that they are aphrodisiacs makes them work as such due to our desire for them to work. But now, science has been looking into what we believe are aphrodisiacs and debunking the ones that don’t have any effect.

Oysters have long been believed to create sexual desire and to give you hour long erections (if you’re a man obviously). They’ve even been mentioned in the adventures of Casanova who reportedly downed a whole 50 of them on a daily basis to increase his virility and stamina. Well, despite the fact that oysters contain testosterone boosting zinc and serotonin which is associated with pleasure, research has show that they don’t actually have any impact on sexual performance.

Another famous aphrodisiac, especially in asia is a herb called Ginseng. It is known for an alleged ability to enhance athletic performance and some studies have shown a possible link between it and improvement in erectile dysfunction. One particular kind of the herb, namely Korean Red ginseng can even heighten sexual arousal in women that have already hit menopause.

Others will mention chocolate as being an aphrodisiac, that is also a misconception that has been debunked by science. Honey also doesn’t work. But the peruvian vegetable Maca and the chinese herb Ginkgo will actually improve your bed score!

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