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Prednisolone refers to a group of drugs that are in critical situations can have a rapid effect. But same time it leaves an indelible mark on the human body. The fact that prednisolone – a hormonal drug, which is a replacement of surgery operation. As a result of prolonged use of their own human hormones may no longer be produced at all or critical decrease their level. In this case, the patient becomes dependent on the continuous use of prednisolone. Use of the drug prednisone recommended by instructions for use only under the constant supervision of the physician is also required periodic laboratory test blood chemistry. Separate application of this drug can lead to serious irreversible consequences. Absolutely contraindicated the use of prednisolone at any dosage form during pregnancy. Scientific evidence shows that even the use of prednisolone ointment during the formation of the fetus leads to birth defects and malformations.

Contents 1) The drug prednisone use and operation 2) In some cases, use of prednisone pills When 3) Prednisolone ointment helps Prednisolone 3.1): dosage and treatment regimens for 4) Where applicable prednisolone injections 5) What are the side effects of prednisone has 5.1) Can prednisone during pregnancy and children and the use of drug prednisolone The therapeutic effect of prednisolone action based on its ability to lead to a state of full combat readiness of all systems and organs of the human body. The synthetic hormone, after being hit in the blood, is beginning to have an impact on the production of various enzymes and accelerate the water-salt metabolism. Accelerates regeneration of tissues, increases the immune response to invading foreign agents. At the same time by reducing the bonds of water-salt metabolism and improve the permeability of the cell membrane, a rapid removal of tissue edema. Despite all the advantages described above prednisone use it is only in exceptional cases when all other treatments have failed. The most common indications for use of prednisone are at: acute critical illness; asthma attacks; eczema and other skin lesions; rheumatism; deforming arthritis; systemic lupus erythematosus; hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatic coma; anaphylactic shock; autoimmune diseases, such as aplastic anemia; cardiac shock; the postoperative period; transplantation of tissues and organs; severe infectious diseases. In some cases, receiving prednisone appointed for life as a maintenance background therapy of different diseases, not amenable to radical treatment.

For the newborn and infant prednisone use can be only in critical situations when it comes to saving the life of an infant. For example, when the deep purpose of prematurity prednisone helps to stimulate the defenses of the baby. In some cases, the use of prednisone pills tablets of prednisolone used as a background maintenance therapy in rheumatoid and deforming lesions of the musculoskeletal system. Also prednisone tablets can help prevent asthma attacks. As a short-term therapeutic agent tablets of prednisolone used in the case of the treatment of acute infectious diseases, it is not necessary to keep the drug in his medicine cabinet. Without a well-defined dosage and treatment regimens, he will not help you. Also prednisone pills will not help to stop an anaphylactic shock. In an outpatient setting, without the advice of the attending physician is absolutely useless drug. When prednisolone ointment helps more common among the population prednisolone ointment. This formulation does not require much calculation dosage and can be used at home in a variety of situations. For example, prednisolone ointment is excellent relieves itching and irritation of insect bites. After a sunburn, it stimulates the rapid regeneration of the skin. In the case of allergic dermatitis ointment on the basis of prednisone to help cope with rashes and pruritus. effectively it has an impact on moist surfaces. Children prednisolone ointment is used to eliminate the effects of diaper rash, diaper dermatitis, diathesis. In old age helps to get rid of itching associated with metabolic disorders of glucose. Also proved efficiency with hair loss. Restore the vitality of hair follicles and eliminate the phenomenon of alopecia ointment on the basis of prednisone can only be controlled by the dermatologist. During use, take precautions. Do not apply ointment over a long period. The maximum period of service – 10 days. If during this time the problem was not resolved, contact your doctor prescribed treatment for the correction. Prednisolone: ​​dosage and treatment regimens for adults 0.005 1 tablets once a day. The dose can be divided into 2 admission tablets dosage for children expects the doctor depending on the age and weight of the child eye drops to 2 drops in each eye once daily 1 ointment single dose application – the size of a pea, not more than 3 times a day Where applicable prednisolone injections Prednisolone injections – is the most effective dosage form. Its use is only permitted in a health institution. Commonly used several forms of administration intravenously in critical situations when it comes to saving human life; intravenously in the treatment of severe clinical conditions; intramuscularly as maintenance therapy; intra-articularly for the relief of pain in deforming or rheumatoid arthritis.

At home, do injections of prednisolone is strictly prohibited. This may cause a stoppage of breathing or heart and cause the death of the patient. What has prednisone side effects prednisolone side effects has almost all organs and systems of the human body. The most dangerous of them is development of dependence. This is a state where the human body is not able to produce hormones. For their compensation requires constant introduction of prednisone or other corticosteroids. Among other side effects can be noted uncontrollable weight gain, disruption of water and salt metabolism, the defeat of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract with the formation of ulcers, reproductive disorders, adverse effects on mental capacity and activity of the heart of the system. In some cases, there is insomnia, decrease in mental activity, psychoses and neuroses. Admission during pregnancy can cause premature birth and fetal death. With care prescribe and use in the elderly patient Can prednisone during pregnancy and children Prednisolone during pregnancy can not be used. When it comes to saving a woman’s life, preference is given to the introduction of prednisolone. but it can cause fetal death, the formation of congenital malformations and deformities. In early childhood prednisone is used only on the basis of risk factors for the infant’s life. In later years it is used only in extreme cases. Can cause mental retardation and disorders in the genital area.
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