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Many people avoid taking hormones because of fear of gaining weight, but doctors believe it is a prejudice. In fact, the weight gain when receiving oral contraceptives only occurs in conjunction with an increase in consumption of cakes and buns.

Indeed, some women may increase the appetite, but if it does it will monitor, no problem. Also, a small set of weights (one to two kilograms) sometimes occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the tissues, because the hormones tend to retain water. But this can be easily solved by substituting one drug to another. The arsenal of the modern medicine, there are drugs that do not retain water, but have the same antiandrogenic effect.

The task of the doctor – to explain what problems may arise in the treatment, and what will be the result. After weighing all the pros and cons, on the basis of surveys and the desire of the woman chosen the most effective and safe medicine.

Today it is fashionable to include hormones and cosmetics. Cosmetologists often used hormonal ointments, creams and lotions, but we must first determine whether it is necessary. Therefore, these drugs can be administered only by a physician. The fact that in some skin diseases hormones simply contraindicated.

For example, perioral dermatitis in any case should not be treated by hormonal ointments, from this it will only improve. In general, if we are talking about the internal state of the women and some health problems that are hormone-based, local products will have no effect if you do not correct the problem from within.

HORMONEs game.
What factors affect the hormones a woman? The first is, of course, the age, but not only. Stressful situations (especially prolonged) transferred viral diseases, drugs that takes a woman (for example, the use of glucocorticoids in bronchial asthma), – all of which can significantly change the hormonal balance and, as a consequence, cause problems with skin, hair and even worsen appearance.

These points are found out at the first consultation with an endocrinologist (a woman mode, she eats, whether metabolic disorders). All this is very important to make the correct diagnosis. What else besides sex hormones may affect the appearance of a woman? Recently among cosmetologists are discussions on the use of thyroid hormones in order to rejuvenate. In fact, these hormones may affect the condition of the skin.

In hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid function), a woman has swelling and dry skin. And the port structure of the hair, hair loss occurs and fragility. A thyrotoxicosis (excess thyroid function) women are more concerned about a symptom of sweating. But over the skin there are no complaints – it is, on the contrary, it is velvety and tender.

In the middle of the XX century with the help of the thyroid hormone is not only tried to treat skin problems and obesity. But experts-endocrinologists believe that this can not be done. Because the intake of thyroid hormones during its normal function may artificially cause hyperthyroidism, which will negatively affect the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the psycho-emotional sphere of women.

We have warned women to take thyroid hormones solely for cosmetic purposes. There are so-called endorphins – special mediators that are produced in the brain. They are also often called “the hormone of joy.” Although directly they do not affect the appearance, but the mood improves. A psycho-emotional sphere is extremely important for the well-being and self-perception of women, which, ultimately, is always reflected in her appearance.

Generally it observed that the positive attitude in people, or reducing the amount of disease itself or improve their flow. Substantially affects the structure of the skin and so-called growth hormone.

With this disease, as acromegaly (fortunately, it is very rare), the skin thickens, becomes dense and greasy, deep folds, there is increased sweating. Not the last role is played and metabolic disorders. For example, diabetes, obesity dramatically worsen the skin condition. It may not be accompanied by problems with sex hormones, but metabolic disorders may cause an increase in the number of inflammatory diseases of the skin (often this is the only complaint at the beginning of diabetes).

There is a complete lack of the hormone insulin (most often young diabetes) or diabetes, obese people. Previously, it was called senile, but today it is a disease much “younger” and is already considered as “non-infectious epidemic” of diabetes. Prednisolone.

Any diabetes seriously affect the structure of the skin and hair, but most of these problems go away on their least normalize metabolism – blood sugar stabilization of body weight. In rare cases, some additional treatment.

The dependence of the hormonal metabolism expressed in all our way of life, play the role of factors such as the consumption of high-calorie foods, decreased physical activity, constant stress, lack of sleep. All this often leads to the fact that energy intake exceeds expenditure, as a consequence – increased body weight.

A fat tissue is considered today as one of the major endocrine organs. For example, almost 50% of male sex hormones produced by the woman, it is converted to a female in adipose tissue. It also allocates an array of biologically active substances that affect blood clotting, the development of neoplastic processes …

So that adipose tissue – a very important organ. Its excess not only leads to problems of endocrine nature, but also adversely affects the cardiovascular system. However, it also leads to a lack of health problems and appearance.

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