Alexa userpicAlexa, 13:14

  • Is it true that the application of prednisone increases the body weight? How can this be avoided? Can diuretics help in this case?

Bella userpicBella, 16:37

  • In response to a comment by Alex:
    Yes, it impairs the metabolism and thus increases the apetite. It can’t be avoided, keep yourself in hand, control how much food you eat. Once I started taking prednizalon and sat on a diet.

Alexa userpicAlexa, 17:31

  • Thanks for the advice! I will try to stick to your diet!

Karl userpicKarl, 22:24

  • The only way to avoid the consequences of receiving prednisolone – is to abandon its admission!

Helena userpicHelena, 14:41

  • Can prednisone help with sciatica? the pain is unbearable.

N.B. userpicN.B, 10:32

  • From the month of application will it help? I only got 5-10 kg weight. Metabolism is fast. I will start combining it with adjuvants and trainings in a gym.

Neil userpicNeil, 21:14

  • In response to a comment by N.B:
    Do not try to use it, prednisolone is a catabolic hormone and you need anabolic, or even better to go to the gym and friction as the plantation.

Neil userpicNeil, 21:18

  • And all the doctors say that games with prednisone without medical supervision ends badly.

Bill userpicBill, 16:15

  • Better to drink prednisolon after a meal.

Natali userpicNatali, 10:25

  • Already 6 years I am using prednisolone. Rheumatoid arthritis in the strongest possible level. I got the treatment of Remicade. It has become much easier, but do not refuse from prednisolone, the body requires.
    I wish everyone good health.