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Vitamin C

Oranges, lemon, citrus, vitamin C supplements, we’re all advised to take them to ward off the common cold during winter. Many of us even make orange juice their every morning drink to multiply their chances of staying healthy. But a recent study has found that all that effort and money spent on fruits and Vitamin C supplements may have been in vain since vitamin C reportedly has no effect on flu prevention.

The common cold is a disease that has already been mostly defeated by the human body, and while it used to be something extremely dangerous in the past, it is now quite under our control with new kinds of medicine and vaccines that will help our body fight the most dangerous aspects of the illness. However, having a cold is still a very unpleasant situation to say the least. For some people it can be debilitating and cause them to stay in bed for a couple of days which means a reduced productivity and negatively affected functions and daily activities.

  • In short, the common cold is a huge part of human culture and its negative impact can be very noticeable with some. Which is why humans have always been on the lookout for any possible prevention methods that would avoid them having to go through a couple of miserable days down with the flu.
  • Now new studies have just found that Vitamin C in no way participates in reducing the risk of catching a cold. The only thing it might possibly do is reduce the duration of the cold once it’s been contracted. One study looked at all the previously made research on the common cold and found that Vitamin C was not the helpful element and almost no other element was, except for zinc.

It was found two different tests that taking 10 to 15mg of zinc sulphate every day proved to be helpful in reducing absences from the school and workplace. So make sure you stuff up on zinc products the next winter if you don’t wanna end up with a stuffed nose.

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